Henry & Frances Weber


Grace College has two locations in Indianapolis, which provide affordable degree programs. The associate degree program, offered through The Henry and Frances Weber School, has been made possible because of the vision and generosity of the late Henry and Frances Weber of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Webers’ long-time passion has been to make Christian college education attainable for every young person.

Students who graduate from The Henry and Frances Weber School in Indianapolis may also complete a bachelor’s degree through Grace College at the same location, online or transfer to the main campus in Winona Lake, Indiana. By partnering with Grace College and its mission to apply biblical values in developing character, sharpening competence and preparing for service, the Webers have provided young people and their families access to an affordable, biblically based higher education.

About Henry and Frances Weber

Impacting the Kingdom

Henry and Frances Weber’s incredible influence at Grace College dates back to 1995, but there’s no doubt the Lord had been working through Henry and Frances to impact the kingdom for much longer.

Henry Weber was born and raised in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where he was brought up in the Mennonite tradition and learned the value not only of hard work, but of kingdom service. Though he had originally hoped to serve the Lord as a minister or in medical missions, Weber was drafted for WWII at the age of 19, but, opting for alternative service, he ended up working in a mental health hospital in New Jersey during the war. When he returned to Lancaster County in 1950, he began his work as a keen businessman, building homes, developing real estate and selling farms in the Lancaster area.

That same year, he met his wife Frances. The two were married for 57 years and had five children before Frances went to be home with the Lord in October of 2010. Henry joined his wife in passing on May of 2014.

Richness of Life

During their years together, Henry's enthusiasm for hard work and for blessing others took off, and the Lord showed the Webers His favor, not only in monetary wealth, but in richness of life. Henry and Frances lived in Lititz, Pennsylvania, where Henry attended and served on the elder board at Lititz Grace Brethren Church.

The Webers always considered it a blessing to give, and their most recent contribution to Grace College is only one of many ways they have blessed and served thousands of Christian young people. Henry joined the Grace College Board of Trustees in 1995, and decided only two short years later to make a more radical contribution to Grace. In 1997, Henry and Frances became Grace’s first million-dollar donors, funding student scholarships and opportunities in an act of unprecedented generosity for Grace College.

Service and Dedication to the Lord

Most recently, the Webers donated an additional $1.1 million to Grace in order to fund The Henry and Frances Weber School at Grace College, which will allow students to receive all the benefits of a biblical education for a more affordable cost.

Weber said that he was never interested in making money, but rather in treating people fairly, living with integrity and honoring the Lord. And since he and Frances joined the Grace family in 1995, thousands of students have had the opportunity to look to the Webers as a distinguished example of what it means to live a life of service and dedication to the Lord.