Why Choose Grace?

What if a college started thinking more like the families and students it serves?

What if fewer assumptions were made about what students can afford, and more allowances were offered? What if colleges examined and eliminated the “add-ons” that inflate higher education beyond your reach? What if instead of drawing conclusions, colleges went back to the drawing board? What if they reimagined something completely new?

Pull up a chair. We need to talk. This is one “friends and family plan” unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Grace College is putting a Christian college education back in the hands of hundreds of students and families like yours, at prices more manageable than the traditional four-year college experience. That means thousands of dollars in savings and an approach that will leave a lasting legacy in the future of education. Frankly, we’d be just as content if it simply means putting college back in reach for students and their families.

In order to keep money in your back pocket, we're bringing classes to your backyard. We’ve opened a commuter location and will be offering classes closer to home for students in Indianapolis.

We’ve aggressively priced a variety of programs designed specifically for your needs and structured the course load and credits to transfer to our main campus or to a career lifestyle. In whatever form it takes, a Grace College education will leave students with increased knowledge, strengthened character and a foundational biblical worldview that will serve them in whatever comes next—whether it be another degree, an unbelievable ministry opportunity or a career.

The bottom line is that we’re one of the few schools who has actually acknowledged the bottom line. We’ve lowered the upfront costs of higher education, minimized the barriers, and are determined to see our students succeed and move on toward greater impact.

Practically speaking, we’re giving time for currently unemployed parents to find jobs. We’re giving single parents opportunities to still tell their students YES on one income. We’re giving large families alternative ways of getting sibling groups and multiple students through college at the same time in the midst of a rough economy. We're giving working adults a chance to balance education with the rest of life's seemingly endless responsibilities. We’re recognizing your real needs and making provisions. Isn’t that what colleges should have been doing all along?

In the words of Grace’s President, Dr. Bill Katip, "Throughout Grace’s history, the mission of the college has remained faithful to the Word of God. A commuter location in Indianapolis provides a great opportunity for more students and families to experience Christian education.Read more

Henry Weber had a vision for the next generation of learners and wanted to put education within their reach: “Students are the future of Christianity—who else is going to continue to build up the Church? It’s got to be the next generation.” Read more


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