From Henry Weber

A letter from Henry Weber.

Frances and I have always believed that a quality biblical education is priceless, and the impact it has on students and the world is eternal. Of course, sometimes it’s just not possible for many young people to attend a private Christian campus. Sometimes it’s because of money or location or any of life’s circumstances that students fail to achieve their dream. We decided we wanted to help change that.

Frances and I donated to Grace College because we believe in the mission and values established in this amazing institution.

Since joining the Board of Directors in 1997, I have seen and heard countless stories about the way the Father has worked in the lives of Grace students from all sorts of backgrounds, and it has been a blessing to give, knowing that our contribution was going to impact students and the Church in tangible, life-altering ways.

Today’s students are the future of Christianity—who else is going to continue to build up the Church? It’s this generation. And I believe the opportunity to learn and grow in a biblical context should be available to anyone who wants it. It is my prayer that by helping provide for associate degree programs in Indianapolis, we will be presenting opportunities for those of you who may not have been able to attend Grace otherwise, and that you will be blessed by the rich biblical foundation and solid values of a school that continues to be a light to the world.

With great hope,
The late Henry Weber and the late Frances Weber