Transfer of Credit

If you would like a preliminary, "unofficial" evaluation of what credits will transfer to Grace, you may email a copy of your transcript or class list to Grace College Indianapolis, and we will provide you with an initial analysis. Once you have applied and been accepted to Grace, we will send you a copy of your official credit evaluation.

Transfer Students

  • Transfer students to Grace College are those who have completed 15 credit hours or more from another institution following their graduation from high school.
  • The Admissions Office evaluates transcripts from other institutions for the purpose of granting credit for incoming students. Evaluation of transfer credits may be done in consultation with a department chair.
  • Coursework will typically be transferred based on course titles; however, students may be required to provide additional information including catalog descriptions and course syllabi.
  • Credit will be granted on the basis of Grace's semester hour standard. Courses transferred from colleges and universities using the quarter system will be assigned credit hours using the following formula: one quarter hour equals two-thirds of a semester hour.
  • Transfer credit may be awarded only when the course grade is a “C-” or above and only when the completed courses are comparable to courses currently offered at Grace College.
  • Courses accepted as transfer credit will be applied toward degree requirements whenever possible. Courses transferred that do not satisfy degree requirements will be considered elective credit.