Financial Services

Grace College Akron is here to help students manage their Student Accounts and provide information about tuition payments. 

If you have any questions or concerns,

please call us at 330-422-3150.

Student Accounts:

Find out how to access your account, textbooks and deposit.

Costs and Payment:

Tuition expenses, payment dates and payment plans.

Withdrawal and Refunds:

Tuition refund policy and withdrawal refund schedule.

Student Accounts:

Fall semester bills will be mailed to students' home addresses in mid-July. Payment is due by the first week of August. Spring semester statements will be mailed in mid-December. Payment is due by the first week of January. Students will have a personal log-in to access their student account on the campus portal. After the first week (the drop/add period), the online account will reflect the current status. Email balances are sent to the student’s Grace email account each month. It is the student’s responsibility to keep current on the status of their account and forward this information to parents as needed.


Purchase on your own—Students may purchase their textbooks from any textbook retailer they choose (ex. Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, etc.).


A tuition deposit ($50.00) is required to hold a student’s spot in the class. The tuition deposit automatically goes towards the student’s bill.

Costs and Payment

Tuition Expenses for Academic Year 2017-2018

The expenses to attend Grace College Akron for the 2017-2018 academic year are as follows:

Tech fee for online classes is $225.

Payment Options

Grace offers two payment plans. One of the following plans must be chosen and implemented by August 2. Payment by the deadline is our indication of your planned attendance and secures your registration. In cases where arrangements have not been made, Grace assumes the student is not coming and removes them from classes.

  • Pay in Full: Pay all semester charges in full on or before the semester (by August 2 for the Fall Semester and by January 6 for the Spring Semester).

  • Payment Plan: Tuition Management Services (TMS) is a private organization established to offer a low-cost monthly payment system for paying education expenses. There is a non-refundable, $55 annual membership fee, but there are no other interest or finance charges. TMS is not a loan program, but if you need a monthly payment plan, then TMS is the way to go.This plan allows you to pay in up to 10 monthly payments beginning July 1. You establish a contract with TMS based on the amount you need to pay Grace for the academic year. TMS will divide the amount of your contract into equal monthly payments. Payment is due to TMS the first day of each month and then forwarded on to us at the end of each month. Only payments received monthly by TMS are forwarded on to us. We do not receive the money in advance of your payment. Contact TMS at 1-800-356-8329 or visit their website at

Overdue Balance and Service Charges

Any student account with a past-due balance will be subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5 percent (18 percent annually) on the past due amount. VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. Students who carry a balance greater than $500.00 will not be permitted to register for the spring semester. Students who carry a balance greater than $200.00 will not be permitted to register for the fall or summer semesters.

Credit on Your Account

If your financial aid creates a credit on your account, you may request the credit from the Business Office at Credits are available the Wednesday of the third week of class. 

Withdrawal and Refunds

Refund Policy

Tuition refunds for students withdrawing from the school will be based on the official date of action that is recorded by the Registrar’s Office. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the required paperwork in order to receive an accurate refund based on the schedule below.

Withdrawal Refund

Schedule (16-week term)
Week      Tuition
1*            100 percent
2              75 percent
3              50 percent
4              25 percent
5              0 percent

*Registration week is considered the first full week of school. The week a complete withdrawal is made is considered a full week. Individuals who withdraw within the first week will receive a full refund.

Responsibility of Payment

The student is personally responsible for payment of the student account. If the balance is not paid as agreed, withdrawal from Grace College Akron may result, and Grace College will retain a security interest in all transcripts, diplomas, letters of recommendation or grade reports. These will not be released until the debt is fully paid. If it becomes necessary to enforce payment, the account may be turned over to a collection agency, and the student will be held responsible for all collection costs.